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ESO Bleakrock Isle Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find all of the ESO Bleakrock Isle Skyshards locations in the map and with tips for finding each one easilly and quickly.


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1. The “High atop the Shrouded Barrow” Skyshard is located behind some trees in eastern Skyshroud Barrow. The collectible lays around in the open near the Barrow’s entrance – so it is quite easy to spot and absorb.


2. To get this Skyshard you just have to go to Northern Bleakrock Isle and head to Orkey’s Hollow Cave. The shard isn’t in the cave, but near the NPC that gives you the quest to go inside, the name is “Rolunda”


3. The “To dig too deep would be no Folly” Skyshard is located inside the Hozzin’s Folly cave – in the southwestern part. The entrance of the cave has a lot of enemies guarding it, so prepare for some heavy blade clashing or some epic AOE damage infliction.


These are all of the Skyshards available in this area  – absorb them and keep on charging.

ESO Bal Foyen Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find the map with all the three of the ESO Bal Foyen Skyshards Locations, and some tips for each of these shards.

bal foyen skyshards locations

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1. The “Hidden Near the Highest Hut” Skyshard is on Western Dhalmora. Search for the highest stone of the settlement and for the shard’s shine which can be spotted from the distance – be careful though, since there are no quests that send you to its direction and so you can easily miss it.


2. To find this Skyshard you’ll have to go to the southwest of Fort Zeren Wayshrine. When to the west of Fort Zeren you should fin the biggest house there – the shard is hidden behind it, but you can easily see it from the Fort Zeren Wayshrine if you’re facing southwest.


3. To find the “About to Set Sail” Skyshard you should climb up the ship that sits in Northern Bal Foyen. This is the only dock with ships in the entire Bal Foyen region, so the name actually helps a lot finding the collectible.


So, these are all of the Skyshards in this area – you can proceed to the next area.

ESO Reaper’s March Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find all of the ESO Reaper’s March Skyshards Locations Map with numbers that coincide with the tips also given out below! Catch them!


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1. This Skyshard is near the road, and you can spot it if you stand near the Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine – just be careful if you approach that location from the east, as some rocks might block the view to the shard. The Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine is in Northern Reaper’s March.


2. To find the “Where Temple Became Tree-house” Skyshard you’ll have to approach Greenhill as the collectible is to the southeast of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine. In Greenhill you should look for a temple that is in ruins and it’s also the largest building there – the shard is near the temple among hidden by some vegetation.


3. This Skyshard is to the north of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine and it is located inside the Old Town Cavern camp. Find what looks like to be a tree fort. The shard is inside this tree house and you’ll have to find the path leading to it next to the cellar entrance you take to get to the crafting stations. Kill the skeevers guarding it and absorb the collectible.


4. To find the “Overlooking the Site of the fall” Skyshard you are going to travel between the Rawl’kha settlement and the Rawl’kha Settlement Wayshrine. There’s an area that has a red-like color on the ground, the shard is there, to the west of Rawl’kha Settlement.


5. This Skyshard can be found to the north of a nearby dolmen portal, it is close to the 39 level bandit that guards a bridge to the Southwest of Rawl’kha Settlement and the wayshrine. Go there and you’ll find the “Camped on the Way to Claw’s Strike” collectible.


6. This Skyshard isn’t hard to find, it is on top of a cliff that you should climb for the great view anyway. It’s close to Thormar to the southwest of the Rawl’kha settlement in Southern Reaper’s March. The riddle for this shard is “Hidden by a less subtle blade”.


7. The “Dune’s Arcane Beacon” Skyshard is located to the east of Dune Wayshrine and inside Dune Settlement. You’ll have to be on the “The Fires Of Dune” Quest in order to enter the Mage’s Guild, as the shard is on the second floor’s balcony.


8. To get the “Mara’s Devout Frets in View” Skyshard head to the northern region of the Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine area, there’s a stone wall next to the road leading to Fort Sphinxmoth, and this is where you’ll find this shard.


9. To get this Skyshard, simply head to the Northwest of Sren-ja Wayshrine and go to the camp icon near it which is the Thrizzrini Arena – you have to go to the northern Thizzrini Arena to find the shard behind some stones.


10. To get the “Growling, beastly gladiators prowl” you should move to the south of Arenthia and the wayshrine. There’s a solo dungeon named Kuna’s Delve there and you should enter it, as the collectible is inside. The largest cave room is defended by the NPC Slaughterer and holds the shard, and you’ll have to kill the defender to absorb the item.


11. This Skyshard is to the east of Vinedusk Wayshrine in Thibaut’s Cairn, the solo dungeon. There are a lot of lvl38 Skeletons in this dungeon and the shard is located in the first dungeon room, right by the end of it.


12. The “Awash in Tears Undergroun” Skyshard is to the east of Willowgrove Wayshrine to the south of Hadran’s Caravan. Enter the Solo Dungeon named “Weeping Win Cave” and find the shard inside water, close to some stones in the first large cave room.


13. To get this Skyshard you’re going to enter the Claw’s Strike solo dungeon which is to the south of Vinedusk Wayshrine. The first room is the room that holds the shard, it is right next to the room’s southeast corner and it is behind a stone column.


14. “The folly is in passing through quickly” Skyshard is inside the Fardir’s Folly solo dungeon, in norther Fort Sphinxmoth. The shard is pretty easy to find once you are inside the dungeon because it is at the end of the first platform you’ll find before the first set of stairs.


15. This shard is located inside the Jode’s Light solo dungeon on the Eastern Central Reaper’s March. You’ll have to cut through some level 41 mobs to get to it, but you’ll find it once you step inside the southeastern cave room.


16. For the “Far Beneath a Foul Manor” Skyshard you’ll have to go to a public dungeon to the northwest of Fort Grimwatch – the dungeon is called “Vile Manse”.

Once you step in the dungeon, know that it is a great place to power level since the drops and experience there is overpowered. The Skyshard is not inside the first area, but in the second underground area, so you’ll have to jump into the drop. When you do get to the second underground level you should turn to your right and walk to a dead end, because that’s where the collectible will be.


That’s all of the Skyshards for this location, so go ahead and jump to the next are!

ESO Malabal Tor Skyshards Locations Map and Tips

Below you’ll find the map with numbered locations that correspond to the tips below it.

ESO Malabal Tor Skyshards Locations

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1. This first Skyshard is to the Northwest of Ilayas Ruins Wayshrine – it is close to a white wall near some ruins and debris. The wall is a stone wall and is overlooking Velyn Harbor, you can spot it as you walk to the Warrior Mundus Stone. This particular Mundus Stone is to the East of the Skyshard.


2. To get the “The Best View of Fuller’s Break” Skyshard you will have to approach the area that is marked o the map from the south. The location is to the north of Ilayas Ruins. The shard is on top of a table that is round and made of stone, overlooking Fuller’s Break – take a good look around because the view is indeed magnificent.


3. This next Skyshard is pretty easy to find because it is on the southern part of the main road that connects Western Malabal Tor and the central part of the region. It’s laying on the ground close to a tree’s root.


4. The “Near the River, Disentangled” Skyshard is to the southeast of the Public Dungeon named Hoarvor Pit and it lays on the shore of the river that passes through Tanglehaven. Look for a tll cliff that separates the road to the north, jump from the road to the shard – but careful and don’t get yourself killed!


5. Head to Mammoth Farm, it is in the north of the Vulkwasten settlement on Northern central Malabal. The Skyshard is there and overlooks the epic enemy “Jagged Grotto”.


6. To find the “Fell From a Bridge Fleeing Abamath” Skyshard you will have to head west of Bloodtoil Wayshrine and find the wood bridge that joins Tanglehave POI Island with an southern island. The shard is next to this bridge and can be spotted because of the shimmering light.


7. Southeast of the Valeguard Wayshrine you should find Valeguard, approach it from the south road and you’ll see the Skyshard sitting at the bottom of the Valeguard Tree. Careful, there is a big bridge that covers shard if you approach Valeguard from the north, and you might just miss the collectible.


8. To find the “Eyed from a Islet in the River Skyshard you’ll be going to the southeast of the Wilding Run Wayshrine. There’s a large lake island close to the Four Quarry Islet – the shard is northwest of that island sitting on top of a rock guarded by three leopards. Kill them and absorb the collectible.


9. There is a large tree on the middle of a cliff overlooking the shore to the southwest of Windshriek Strand – which is represented by an eye icon on the map. This tree is where the Skyshard is. The area is Northern Malabal Tor. Just walk southwest of the Eye Icon.


10. To get the “Withered within the Vine” Skyshard you will have to head to the Black Vine Ruins, which is a public dungeon. The collectible is inside the dungeon, and enemies group here – so be careful when venturing under leveled. The shard is inside the largest cave room – the first – and it is in a corner on the stairs that lead to the second floor.


11. Head to the solo dungeon named Dead Man’s Drop and find the battered shield on the ground – this will start a quest. Go straight to the tunnel that leads to the door you’ll use to exit the last area of the dungeon. The Skyshard is inside that tunnel between a wooden pillar and the cave’s wall.


12. To get the “Property of Parasites” Skyshard you’ll have to go inside the solo dungeon “Hoarvor Pit” in western central Malabal Tor. There are all sorts of parasites and bugs in the dungeon and that’s why the shard is riddled as it is. The first cave room is where you’ll find the collectible.


13. Another solo dungeon has to be explored for this Skyshard, this time you have to visit the Roots of Silvenar dungeon – which is represented by the fortress icon on the map). This dungeon sits on the west side of Valeguard Wayshrine and the collectible is just before the first group of foes, in the middle of the starting tunnel.


14. The “Part of Arrai’s Spectral Dominion” Skyshard is located in the Shael Ruins solo dungeon, which is near a tall waterfall on the south of the Abamath Wayshrine. The shard is on the second floor next to a group of 3 ghost spectrals, right in the first room.


15. Head south of the Dra’Bul Wayshrine – it is located in the southwestern central Malabal Tor region – and get inside the Tomb of the Apostates, the solo dungeon which is covered in vines. The Skyshard is in the last cave room close to a vase that also gives you a quest.


16. To get the “Held by Red-Handed Bandits” Skyshard you’ll have to go to the far north of Dra’Bul Wayshrine, which is located on Northwestern Malabal Tor. Once close to the Crimson Cove public dungeon, enter it and be careful because of all the mob groups which also include quite a decent number of mob bosses. The cave room on the eastern side is the one that holds the collectible.


These are all of the Skyshards in this area, proceed to the next.

ESO Eastmarch Skyshards Locations and Map

Below you’ll find the map and guides to find Eastmarch’s Skyshards in order to collect them and get stronger.


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1. Nestled beside Morvunskar’s royal tomb.


Northwestern Eastmarch, southwest of Fort Morvunskar, and Voljar Meadery Wayshrine, northwest of Fort Morvunskar Wayshrine.


Head to Fort Morvunskar Wayshrine, face and move North on the road until you reach Fort Morvunskar, from there walk left up that hill, keep walking until you find a door, next to it some wooden boxes and a barrel the Skyshard is on the side of that door. (Quests in Fort Morvunskar will direct you toward this skyshard).


2. Giants despoil the village below.


Northern Eastmarch, southeast of Windhelm Wayshrine, south of Giant’s Heart.


Giving your back to Windhelm and go east of the road, keep walking until the road turns north, now head East again until you encounter a Giant fire and a Giant Boulder, with some Giants lurking around, Look for a broken wheel cart with a chest, the Skyshard is Next to that cart.

Notice: Although the place is lurking with Giants, It will be easy for you to avoid them.


3. Leave the hollow to cure the chill.


Northern of Easthmarch, east of Windhelm Wayshrine, northeast of Lower Yorgrim, northwest of The Chill Hollow public dungeon.


Leaving Windhelm, head Northeast on the road, keep walking in the northeastern Direction until you reach the building in Lower Yorgrim, now move northeast of it until you reach a peninsula, keep going up the hill and you will reach the entrance of chill Hollow, if You walk Northwest, the Skyshard will be in the snow right beside a big tree.


4. Strewn between tusks near the barrow.


Central Eastmarch, northwest of Wittestadr Wayshrine, northeast of Bonestrewn Crest.


Reach Wittestradr Wayshrine, and Move North, right before you reach Bonestrewn Crest, there are some Torches buried in the ground along with some giant mammoth skull, the skyshard is among the tusks.


5. Beside a bridge to Amol.


Southwestern Eastmarch, east of Fort Amol Wayshrine.


Teleport to Fort Amol Wayshrine, Walk right through the Fort Amol heading northeast, once you cross the bridge, turn back and go down the river, the base of the bridge is where you will find your skyshard.


6. Lost in ruins beyond the grotto.


Southwestern Eastmarch, west of Fort Amol Wayshrine, southwest of The Frigid Grotto public dungeon.


Again Head to For Amol Wayshrine, this time move Northwest, Keep walking you will reach a door inside a rock, this door will get you right inside Frigid Grotto, Follow the Southwestern way inside the Grotto, you will encounter ruins with some large boulder and broken pillars, the Skyshard is right behind the boulder.


7. Mzulft’s secrets are not all underground.


Eastern Eastmarch, northeast of Logging Camp Wayshrine.


The ruins of Mzulft is Your Destination, to reach it, you have two ways,

  • Head southwest of logging camp wayshrine,
  • From Jorunn’s Stand encampment North gate, Keep going North

Once in the ruins of Mzulft, find a path buried in snow, and two stone pillars, the skyshard is a little bit to the right in between the pillars.


8. Attempting to spy on Aelif.


Eastern Eastmarch, between Logging Camp Wayshrine, and Jorunn’s Stand Wayshrine.


In the south east part of Jorunn’s stand encampment, there is an open tent and a door behind, if you look closely there a route, the skyshard is on that route.


9. Stashed near a farm in icy winds.


Southern area of Eastmarch, southwest of Logging Camp Wayshrine, southeast of the Old Sord’s Cave public dungeon.


Teleport to Logging camp wayshrine, move southwest until you step on the Main road, keep going south, there is a farm with some buildings , the eastern building is your target, right after the pumpkin patch, a Big Boulder between two trees, you will find your skyshard.


10. An illegitimate child’s reading material.


Southeastern Eastmarch, east of Jorunn’s Strand Wayshrine.


Head to Jorunn’s Wayshrine and walk east towards the hills, there is a door hidden behind a torch, this is the entrance to The Bastard’s Tomb Dungeon, follow the way inside the dungeon heading south, when you reach a Junction you will see a little room to the North, this room is like a mini library behind the left bookshelf, there is your skyshard


11. Search the slipperiest places in the hollow.


Northeastern Easthmarch, east of Windhelm Wayshrine.


From Lower Yorgrim, exit windhelm ad walk northeast, pass beside the most northeastern Building in Lower Yorgrom and keep walking in the same direction until you reach an island, go uphill and enter Chill Hollow dungeon, in the biggest cave room there is a frozen dead body, the skyshard is in this room

Notice: Beware as there is an Ice Elemental Boss somewhere near you


12. Three eyes gleam, a frigid prize.


Western Eastmarch, northwest of Fort Amol Wayshrine, north of Lost Knife Cave.


Teleport to For Amol Wayshrine again, Keep moving northeast until you reach a wooden door that act as an entrance to The Frigid Grotto Dungeon, Survive the troll Boss, and Move to the Northern part of the dungeon, you will find the skyshard.


13. Crashed from the sky to open the vault.


Northeastern Eastmarch, north of The Ritual mundus stone, southeast of Kynesgrove Wayshrine.


Kynesgrove Wayshrine is your starting Point, From there take the road to the southeast, You will find a boulder, From there, face east and You will see an entrance to IceHammer’s Vault Dungeon, head to the second room, it has an opening in the ceiling and a small waterfall inside, the skyshard is at the base of that waterfall.


14. Old Sord excelled at hide-and-seek.


Southern Eastmarch, southeast of Wittestadr Wayshrine, or southwest of Logging Camp wayshrine.


Between Hermit’s Hideout and Icewind Peaks Dolmen, there is a road, walk south of that road, you will find the entrance to the Old Sord’s Cave Dungeon, in the biggest cave room, there is a small route beyond the Platform; this is where your skyshard is.


15. Among the dead, sheltered from storms.


Southeastern Eastmarch, south-southwest of Jorunn’s Stand Wayshrine, or southeast of Logging Camp Wayshrine.


Again head to Jorunn’s stand wayshrine, move Southwest with the road until you find an intersection, face south and you will see a door, that door is the entrance to Stormcrag crypt public Dungeon.

Walk the way though that dungeon and to the second room, there is a wooden base, climb it, on the stone pillar there are some shelves, the skyshard is right next to a box beyond the pillar.


16. Near a throne in the Hall of the Dead.


Northern Eastmarch, southwest of Windhelm Wayshrine, in Windhelm.


Go to windhelm’s Hall of the dead, by Going west of Mages Guild, Inside the Dungeon you will get two quests to complete, one of the is name “ Lost Crown” Malana is the quest Giver, this quest will lead you directly to the skyshard in the Central Room, behind a throne.

Notice: This is a quite difficult Dungeon, You will need a bunch of your Helping friends, it’s loaded with Violent dangerous NPCs defeat the Boss and Get your skyshard.

These are all of Eastmarch Skyshards Locations, so get going and catch them all!

ESO Khenarthi’s Roost Skyshards Locations Map

Below you’ll find Khenarthi’s Roost Skyshard Locations marked on the map with numbers accordingly to the tips below.


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1. To get this Skyshard you will have to go to the southeast of Khenarthi’s Roost Wayshrine. There’ll be a tower in ruins which you can spot from the distance – the collectible is right on top of it (you can see it shine from the distance, but not if you’re close to the tower).


2. The “Southern Temple’s Hidden Jewel” Skyshard can be found easily – just go to the Temple of Crescent Moons, northeast from Khenarthi’s Roost Wayshrine, and go up the stairs to find it right at the left side of the temple.


3. In Western Khenarthi’s Roost, spot the eye icon that represents the Temple of the Dark Moon. Go west of that temple and you’ll get to the island where the Skyshard is located – there are no obstacles to cover it so it is easy to see, although there are no POIs nearby which can make players skip this shard.


4. To the west o the Temple of the Mourning Springs there is a modest brick hut, the “Abandoned before mourning” Skyshard isn’t inside that hut, but right next to it on the ground.


5. The “Sighted by Serpents in Mistral” Skyshard is located next to the Maormer Embassy’s Private Quarters, a building you’ll discover during the quest called “The Perils of Diplomacy. To reach the spot go west from the Mistral Wayshrine.


6. You’ll see the Skyshard which riddles you with “Surly root-chewers burrow nearby” close to the cave entrance right in the Northwestern Khenarthi’s Roost to the west of Bolga’s Hunting Camp (represented by the eye icon). Try to guide yourself to the shard using the map above.

That’s all – Go get them!

ESO Deshaan Skyshards Locations with Map

Below is the map with Deshaan Skyshard Locations and numbered accordingly to the tips given below the map. Find them, absorb them, get stronger!

deshaan skyshards location

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1. Free from quarantine.


West of Deshaan, southern west of Quarantine Serk Wayshrine.


Take the road from Stonefalls where the “Bad Medicine” quest objective is.  Starting from Quarantine Serk Wayshrine , Stick to the right wall facing southwest, You will find the Skyshard at the end of the wall slightly to the left.


2. A Hlaalu victory in Narsis.


Narsis Settelment, east of Narsis wayshrine, west of Deshaan


From Narsis wayshrine, go east until you Reach a building Named “Hlaau Kinhouse” You will reach it during various quests,  It’s a building circled with Paved walkway, Follow that walkway, the skyshard is right behind the north part of the building, between two Mushrooms.


3. A river view on Muth Gnarr’s outskirts.


South of Deshaan, between the eye icon and the house icon (Hlaanii’s Howel) and( Muth Gnaar). Closest to Muth Gnarr Wayshrine.


Reach Muth Gnarr Wayshrine and Move to the southeastern Direction, follow the road until it starts going east, leave it and face southeast, Keep walking until you find a Building with a river view( Andaren House) circle that house, You will find a big tree, the skyshard is next to it.


  • You may want to avoid Entering Muth Gnaar since it’s full of Violent NPCs.
  • If you can’t find the southeast road when the road turns east open your map you will find a small dotted path facing southeast that’s your way


4. A twin falls in Mournhold.


Mournhold, at the Center of Deshaan, Northern of Mournhold Wayshrine.


Head to the Merchant square at the city near Mournhold Wayshrine ( in the Map it’s the scale Icon), head west out of the city, right before reaching the bridge, walk on the right river bank facing North, You will then see the waterfalls, at the bottom of the eastern waterfall is your skyshard



5. Near the remnants of the House caravan.


East of Mzithumz, Northern area of Deshaan, Northeast of the Mzithumz Wayshrine


Reach Mzithumz Wayshrine, and Move on the road heading east, if you survive the dangerous NPCs you will reach a building carved on a cliff, facing the entrance the skyshard is on your right between some stone blocks.


6. Follow the river that snakes south to its source.


The southeastern area of Deshaan, Southeast of Ghost snake Vale wayshrine, southeast of Taleon’s crag, and south of Coiled path landing (the eye icon in the map)


Reach Coiled path landing ( the Eye Icon in the map), head south until you find a river that streams out of the map, keep going with the river until you reach an island, on that Island there is a wooden box between a big tree and a boulder, there is your skyshard.

Notice: You will find a lorebook next to the box too “Ebony Blade History”


7. Search near the cavern with three eyes.


Darkshade Caverns Dungeon, at the Southeastern area of Deshaan, south west of the Silent Mire wayshrine.


Teleport to the Silent Mire wayshrine and head west on the road, at the Intersection head south until you reach the Darkshade Caverns Dungeon. Move to the entrance and head right and circle the entrance, you will find a wood board, barrel and a box, the skyshard is on the board.


8. The right tower is Tal’Deic’s left.


Eastern area of Deshaan, In the Tal’Deic Fortress, west of Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine.


Reach Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine, Move west, on the road you will find two towers on the south and west of the Tal’Deic Fortress, reach the base of the southern tower through entering the city and going around the tower you will find the shard next to a barrel and some boxes.


9. Where ships dock and mushrooms Mire.


Southeast of Tal’Deic Grounds wayshrine, at the Eastern area of Deshaan


Teleport to Tal’Deic Grounds wayshrine, head south and up the hill, walk through the stone pieces surrounding the giant mushroom, your skyshard is right under the head of that Mushroom


10. Where the dead walk, no memories linger.


Northwestern area of Deshaan, southeast of Quarantine Serk Wayshrine.


Reach Quarantine serk wayshring, move south until you find a junction, now move east until you reach a bridge, right before that bridge walk on the northern side of the river, you will find some doors carved in the stone (the dungeon entrance) Get inside the Forgotten Crypts dungeon and walk the path, you will find another junction this is where the skyshard is.

Notice: You may find (4+NPC) Groups in that Dungeon since it is a public one, so be careful and bring some friends on board.


11. Lend me your ear.


Northeastern area Deshaan, east of Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine and Redoran Pier, northeast of Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine.


Reach Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine and move east on the road to its end, walk on the northern side of the river heading east you will find a building carved In the stone. This is the Knife ear Grotto Solo Dungeon, head inside, at its first giant room there is some metal doors to the right. Go around those doors to get the skyshard located behind them, since the doors are not open-able.


12. Where a lady seeks kwama before the storm.


Northwestern area of Deshaan, northwest of Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine.


Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine is your starting point, head the Northwestern direction up the hill, you will see the Redolent Loam Dolmen, right across it is the doors to “Lady Llarel’s Shelter” dungeon, get inside and follow the path to the second cave gallery, find some tree roots and you will find the skyshard.

Notice: Around you are level  17 Bad-azz NPC, who could be easily blended In the dark.


13. Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens.


Deshaan’s western areas, southeast of Muth Gnarr Hills Wayshrine..


Teleport to Muth Gnarr Hills wayshrine and move southeast with the river. Find a wheel cart along with some boxes in front of a stone building. That building is the” lower Bthanual” Dungeon. Once inside follow the path to the north hall Next to a giant Mushroom and some rocks there is your skyshard, the hall is lit up by the light coming from an opening in the ceiling.

Notice: The lorebook “ War of Two Houses” can be  found at the boxes outside the Dungeon.


14. Mine your step where the water drops in.


Central area of Deshaan, north-northeast of Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine, and west of Lagomere Dolmen.


Head to the Ghost snake Vale wayshrine, face and move north crossing the stream, keep going until you see waterfall to your left, you will notice the river going down a hill, walk on the south side of the river towards the waterfall, when You find the wooden doors of the “triple Circle Mine” dungeon, head inside and follow the way as usual, in the northern wooden room there is a wooden box the skyshard is inside.


15. Go from Crags to riches.


Deshaan’s southern area, south of Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine and the Vale of the Ghost Snake.


Teleport to Ghost snake Wayshrine, and Move south, wave hello to the Vale of the Ghost snake, and cross the river, keep going south until you reach the wooden entrance of Taleon’s Crag Dungeon, inside the dungeon, and in the second gallery there is a waterfall in the room the skyshard is right under the waterfall


16. Where corpses till a garden of sand.


Northeastern of Deshaan, west of Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine, north of “The Mage” mundus stone,and of Druitularg’s Ritual Altar.


Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine is your starting area, Go west on the road until you reach the Shrine of the Saint Veloth, from here turn to the Northern Direction and Keep walking until you reach the entrance to “The Corpse Garden” Dungeon, once inside follow the way to the southern room, the skyshard is right there in the sand filled area.

ESO Greenshade Skyshard Locations Map

The map below details the Greenshade Skyshard Locations and the tips beneath them are numbered accordingly to the picture.


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1. The “Flee the Labyrinth of Words and Stone” Skyshard is located to the east of a maze close to the main road. This is south of the Labyrinth Wayshrine and to get to the collectible shard you must kill two tigers.


2. This one is on the starting regions of the Greenshade. There is a large keep called “Shadows Crawl” – get the quest there and, next to Indanas the NPC that you visit during the “Stone Cold” quest, you will find the Skyshard near a large tree.


3. This Skyshard is located to the northwest of Marbruk Settlement, it is located on the second floor of the Mages Guild – the north door is the one that bars your path towards the “Breath of Fresh Air for Marbruk’s Mages” shard.


4. This is one of the easiest SS to find, it’s near some stone wall ruins next to a large tree to the east of the Five Claws Inn (which is represented by a beer mug on the map). Careful though, there are no objectives or quests that direct you there so you can easily skip it.


5. If you follow the directions in the map you are going to find an island with a road intersection. Follow the main road until you find a bridge that’s made of wood and connects this isle with Greenshade, below it you can locate the Skyshard “Where moor becomes moat”.


6. You should head south of the Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine to find Rootwater Grove, the location that hosts the “Stay dry where the Wooden Eye wards” Skyshard. It is almost completely hidden by some big rocks, so keep your eyes peeled.


7. The Barrow Trench public dungeon has one Skyshard inside. This one, however, is right to the East of the dungeon’s main entrance.


8. The “Unheeded by Wood Orc Lookouts” Skyshard is collected on top of a big tower which is guarded by a lot of humanoid mobs, it’s west of the Green’s Marrow Dolmen and southwest of the Wayshrine, but be advised that the mobs there are a lot.


9. Look for the Falinesti Wayshrine on central Greenshade, this Skyshard is located just to the northeast of it and it is collected on the shore of a river, careful when jumping – as you may hit your untimely death instead.


10. This Skyshard is found in the Gurzag’s Mine solo dungeon on top of a platform in the biggest cave, where Retribution stands guard (it’s the Dungeon’s Boss). The Skyshard itself is hard to get to and you’ll have to jump on the platform by jumping on rocks, mushrooms and the rest of the landscape. Happy Jumping!


11. In the solo dungeon of Carac Dena you’ll find the Skyshard in the last cave by the corner – it’s the same room that is guarded by Urumaz the Terrifying and you could easily miss it, so let us be specific: The northwestern corner!


12. The torch icon east of the Woodheart settlement in Southwest Greenshade represents the public dungeon of Naril Nagaia, the place where you can find the “A Pretender in Naril Nagaia” Skyshard. The shard is in the last room, as usual, between a column and a wall in the corner.


13. The “Under root, but hidden high” Skyshard is in the Underrot solo dungeon which holds the collectible. You’ll find it on top of a rock between the first and second floor of such dungeon, jump from the second floor towards it and absorb its hidden power.


14. This one is inside an easy solo dungeon called Harridan’s Lair. The Skyshard is in the cave right before the main boss’s cave – look to the ceiling of the dungeon there, as the glow of the shard is easily identified.


15. The “Mined Up in a Barrow” Skyshard is in the public dungeon of Barrow Trench, this time really inside it and not just at the entrance (remember you already collected the one at the entrance). Turn left on your first opportunity to do so (already inside of the dungeon) and spot the collectible.


16. Rulanyil’s Fall public dungeon, to the northeast of the Serpent’s Grotto Wayshrine, is where you’ll spot the collectible. Turn left as you enter the dungeon and spot the Skyshard on the eastern part of this room. Be careful, the dungeon is a hard one and you might want to bring a friend unless you are over the dungeon’s level.


These are the locations for the Skyshards in Greenshade – now hunt them down!

ESO Grahtwood Skyshard Locations

Here’s the map with the location of all the Skyshards in Grahtwood, the locations have numbers that correspond to the clues given below the map.

Grahtwood Skyshard Locations

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1. Walk to the east of the Mages Guild house. It’s in Haven Settlement, it’s the first settlement you’ll encounter in Grahtwood and there are a lot of enemies near the shard, the “Granted Safe Haven by the Mages” Skyshard is located on the northwest of Haven, on the ground, right besides a wall of the Mages Guild House.


2. “The Shrine of the South Leads North” Skyshard is located just above (north) of the Southpoint Wayshrine and it lays around pretty close to the main road, hidden behind some trees and rocks.


3. The building that is mentioned in the Skyshard’s riddle “Cooling off on the way to the Tower” is the Mundus Stone that sits near the shard. Get the item by going to the edge of a small pond nearby – thus the cooling off”


4. The “Where the road to the root is an isle” Skyshard is located at central Grahtwood, right on the southeastern of Elden Root – it literally is an island, a small one, but one indeed.


5. When you get to the Elden Root Temple Wayshrine you should head west of that and turn north at the first intersection. You’ll have to climb a small hill and be careful not to fall.


6. The “Spotted from a treehouse vantage” Skyshard is in the east of the road to Karthdar, right before the intersection with the main road north of Elden Root. If you stand next to the NPC Afwa you can see it at a distance.


7. The Skyshard is on a platform made of wood, right next to the entrance towards the Abandoned Iron Mine. There’s a troll there who also guards the book “Before the Ages of Man: Merethic Era”.


8. This one is located to the west of Falinesti Winer Wayshrine, on western Grahtwood. The Skyshard which riddles you with “Among ancient words in the stones” is on an arch surrounded island.


9. The Skyshard is to the southwest of Elden root in central Grahtwood and you have to approach the main road from the northwest of the shard’s location. There’s a lorebook there too.


10. The “Where Covenant Forces pour forth” Skyshard is located to the north of the Gray Mire Wayshrine. Search the northern part of the last room in the public dungeon of Ne Salas.


11. The Skyshard is in the second largest cave room in a corner, right inside the public dungeon called “The Scuttle Pit”.


12. The “Six-Legged Thunder Invades” Skyshard collectible is located inside Burroot Kwama Mine, yet another public dungeon. It’s inside the biggest cave room protected by Stormhead the Ravenous, a strong mob.


13. Go to the Vinedeath Cave Public Dungeon and get to the room in the far southeast. The collectible is not covered up and it’s pretty easy to spot and absorb.


14. The “Stolen Starlight in Wormy Depths” Skyshard is located inside another public dungeon, this time it’s Wormroot Depths. The first large room is where the skyshard lies, right by the corner of it.


15. The public dungeon Mobar Mine holds this Skyshard, specifically on a platform that stands in the largest room of the dungeon.


16. This one is inside the public dungeon Root Sunder Ruins, which is depicted as a torch icon in the map. This is a popular place for people wanting to power level, as the EXP and Loot are overpowered. The shard is located in the southwestern part of the dungeon between a column and the dungeon’s wall.


These are all of the Grahtwood Skyshard locations – Catch them!

Auridon Skyshards’ Locations and Tips

These are the Skyshards in Auridon, the map has the position of the numbered shard and the numbers below the map display tips on how to locate those hidden pieces of power.


1. The Skyshard “A Landing of Noble’s Blood” is to the west of the Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine, on down at Southern Auridon. You should get on the second floor of the Vulkhel Guard Manor and Treasury – it is quite easy to spot the shining skyshard on the balcony.

This is the first shard you should get in Auridon.

Be advised that to get this one you have to be questing on the “A Hostile Situation” quest – part of the Vulkhel Guard objective.


2. This skyshard, the “Adorns Valano Terrace”, is in the southeast Auridon zone, northeastern zone to the Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine. Inside the Valano Manor, on the second floor, get the Silsailen doors open to collect it – easily spotted on the terrace.

This one requires the quest Teldur’s End, or you won’t be able to enter the Manor.


3. Walk to the southwest of Tanzelwil Wayshrine and the POI, to the southeast from the two swords skull symbol on the map.

You’ll find a rock plateau with some stone columns – to see if you’re in the right place, notice that there is an NPC there called Priestess Aranwen. There’s a platform on that rock plateau if you approach it from the East.


4. In Skywatch, the “Watching the sky in a tower of swords” skyshard is on the balcony of the Fighters Guild, so get on the first floor.


5. “Between cursed ruin and shrine” is located in central Auridon, east of the Quendeluun Wayshrine, between a huge rock and a wall made of stone, it is pretty hidden, so you should try to find it (ironically you see it better during the night).


6. You’ll have to go to western Auridon, Northwest between Wreck of the Raptor, Shattered Grove and Smuggler’s Cove to find the “Near Merormo’s Refreshment” skyshard. If you are questing on this zone you can’t miss it. It is next to the well near Merormo’s house.


7. Go to the Northern Torinaan Plateau and jump down to the location marked on the map above this list. It’s in the center of the Isle of Contemplation and it isn’t obvious nor one of the hardest ones to spot.


8. There is a ruinous house in Dawnbreak nd the skyshard can be accessed by taking the stairs. This house is the one where Captain Landare is in.


9. Go to the very last floor of the North Beacon Lighthouse. “Gleaming beacon, ship-guide” – The lighthouse is below the North Beacon POI (it is represented on the map as a tower icon).


10. The entrance to Bewan’s solo dungeon is what is depicted in the map above, what you have to be alert for is a wall that has the skyshard behind it – it’s in a right wall inside the Bewan Dungeon and it is pretty easy to miss, so open your eyes for those right walls… the “Ancient Chamber of Golden Glow” lies behind it.


11. Southern Auridon is the zone – in Del’s Claim which is a public dungeon, represented on the map as the torch icon and laying roughly in the Northwest of Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine. It is pretty easy to see – “The Heritance stakes this claim” skyshard is surrounded by rocks, illuminating the hole.


12. Take a look at another torch icon, this time representing Entila’s Folly the public dungeon – this is where the “Near the Folly’s End” Skyshard is located – not a challenge to collect and absorb, pretty easy even for beginner “hikers”.


13. “Held in a corner by the House of Troubles” is located in Mehrunes’ Spite Public Dungeon, right in the corner of the first room. The public dungeon is on the northwest of Greenwater Wayshrine.


14. Ondil, yet another torch icon public dungeon, is on Northeastern Tanzelwil Wayshrine. The “Blood-drained thralls stumble past” Skyshard is locaed in the corner of a small room – no quest will ever send you there, so pick it up!


15. Go to the Wansalen public dungeon and kill the boss. As you walk toward the exit, just look to your left and you’ll find the “Corpses from another age walk here” Skyshard.


16. There’s a tower icon in Western Auridon that represents Glister Vale. Go southwest of it and enter Toothmaul Gully, a public dungeon (yet another torch icon). The “Hidden Home in the gully’s wall” Skyshard is in a large cave room, in the eastern part.

That’s it for Auridon’s Skyshards… got to catch’em all :P