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ESO Patch 1.0.5: The Elder Scrolls Online Patch Notes



ESO Patch 1.0.5: The Elder Scrolls Online Patch Notes


So, the patch came as expected and there’s a lot of fixing going on, as it was expected. The loading times were also fine tuned and should take less time. Consider that changing instances also works faster now and Asmalah will spawn for the Ebonheart Pact in Eastmarch – and that’s good news.

Now, going over these patch notes, what has changed?


Game Improvements and Fixes:

The Alliance War problem that would place different factions in the same campaign was fixed. On the gameplay part of the fix, vampirism and lycanthropy now provide less EXP and gold when you cure them, because curing those ailments was bugged and gave way more experience  and gold than it should.

There’s also no more teleporting off the map, which is a relief for all of us. Several main quests were sorted out, including the “Message Across Tamriel”, “God of Schemes” and “The Weight of Three Crowns” quests.

As far as guilds are concerned, know that the levers you use to open portals no longer have that unreliable factor on them, they work much better now. Sees-all-colors always performs her scene, and you’ll get your well deserve credits for killing Aldmeri soldiers.

In the Alik’r Desert you’ll now notice that Kinlady Iniel will spawn while you’re on the quest and High Kinlady Estre will not break on the “Sever All Ties” quest in Auridon.

There are a whole lot of other quests that have been fixed and are now reliable 100% of the time, chances are that if you stumbled upon a bug or got stuck in a certain quest – you can now do it perfectly well.

Finally, the patch targeted the UI by revising the guild bank’s error message when you try to stack items by dragging and dropping.

That’s all for this patch,

Thank you Zenimax for doing such a great job on maintaining The Elder Scrolls Online.


See you in the next patch note!

The Esostar Staff

ESO Stonefalls Skyshards Locations with Map


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ESO Stonefalls Skyshards Locations with Map:


1. The “Watching Lions Swim to Shore” Skyshard is found to the north of The Harborage in Stonefalls. You should find the shard quite easily by going up a small hill near a stony mountain – it’s facing the shore, just like the riddle points it out to be.


2. You’ll go to the southeast of Davon’s Watch Wayshrine if you want to catch this Skyshard. When you’re arriving to Stonefalls from the previous area of Bal Foyen, take a left. You’ll find the “Near Bal Foyen’s Gate” Skyshard next to a large stone gate. If you’re rushing on quests you’ll probably miss it, otherwise it’s pretty easy to spot.


3. To find the “Staging an Attack on Arand” Skyshard you have to find the Emberflint Mine and Mephala’s Nest, two public dungeons represented by the torch icon on the map. The collectible sits between those, northwest of Fort Arand Wayshrine.

If you choose to rush to the shard you’ll get a lot of attention from the nearby mobs and you’ll have to fight a lot – not a smart thing to do if you are under-leveled. Take your time to approach the collectible.


4. To find this Skyshard you’ll have to go to a platform, next to a statue. This place is south of The Matron’s Clutch, between Dagger’s Point Invasion Camp and Hightide Hollow, a public Dungeon.

When you get there, be sure to gawk on the amazing view of the landscape –raise your graphics and enjoy one of the best sceneries in ESO.


5. The “Among Mushrooms, High Above Lukiul Uxith” Skyshard can be found to the north of the road intersection that joins Lukiul Uxith, Heimlyn Keep and Hrogar’s Holdd Wayshrine. To find the collectible you should climb to a cliff, because the shard is on its edge.


6. Finding this Skyshard will take you to the south of Vivec’s Wayshrine in Stonefalls. Climb a little hill and find the collectible easily on a piece of dirt in the lava pit.


7. To find the “South on the Ashen Road, Where Lava Flows” Skyshard you’ll have to visit an area that is located to the south of Ashen Road Wayshrine in the Magmaflow Overlook zone. You’ll find the collectible close to the lava, and it is easily spotted from the distance. Careful though, the enemies nearby are aggressive and will pursue.


8. The “Tucked Away, on a Grotto’s Mantel” is inside the Fungal Grotto Dungeon in the western area of Stonefalls. You really can’t miss this one if you actively visit every PVE dungeon because you’ll spot it right above the entrance where people usually wait for party members.


9. To find this collectible you’ll travel to the southwestern part of Sathram Plantation and Sathram Plantation Wayshrine. The “On a Hillside Behind a Plantation” Skyshard is located behind a house – be sure to grind there a bit since the drops and exp rate there is overpowered.


10. To find the “Left to Rust Beside Ancient Arms” Skyshard you’ll move towards the Inner Sea Armature public dungeon. Enter the dungeon and find the shard in the northwestern corner of the biggest cave room of the dungeon. Kill the Guardian Sphere on the opposite side of that room to complete an achievement.


11. In the Emberflint Mine public dungeon, north of Fort Arand Wayshrine, lies the “Used to Strike Flames Underground” Skyshard. Simply enter the mine and find the collectible under a wooden platform – absorb it and move on!


12. To absorb the “Listening to the Spinner’s Whispers” Skyshard you’ll have to explore the public dungeon which is named “Mephala’s Nest” and is located to the east of Brothers of Strife Wayshrine. The last hallway of the dungeon is where you’ll find the shard.


13. Absorbing the “Found in Soft Dirt by Daggers” is pretty easy. It is located to the north of Davenas Farm inside the Softload Cavern public dungeon – which is located on the map if you travel to the torch icon that represents it. Enter the dungeon, go southeast and find the shard in the corner of the cave.


14. The “Where a Fiery Tide Rises” Skyshard is located inside the Hightide Hollow public dungeon, which sits in central Stonefalls and to the east of the Hrogar’s Hold Wayshrine.

When you enter the public dungeon, finish it! You’ll find the collectible at the most common place they are usual in – the final part of the dungeon.


15. This shard is located inside the Sheogorath’s Tongue public dungeon – which is represented by a torch icon on the map. Find the entrance to the aforementioned dungeon to the east of the Sathram Plantation Wayshrine. Once you enter the public dungeon you’ll find the “Discovering a Taste for Madness” Skyshard in the Sheogorath’s Tongue last room – pretty easy to spot when you’re about to leave the dungeon.


16. Finally, the “Drowned in the South by a Clever Bird” Skyshard is in Crow’s Wood public dungeon in Eastern Davon’s Watch – right on the south zone of Stonefalls.

Once you enter the cave, find the shard on the edge of the map behind some stones in the water.


These are all of the Stonefalls Skyshards – proceed to the next area and continue growing!

Elder Scrolls Online – Your Guide to Choosing a Class



Elder Scrolls Online – Your Guide to Choosing a Class

Elder Scrolls Online has been getting rave reviews since its release on April 4th. ESO is an MMO that is a little different than the likes of Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft, but a very polished game that comes with 4 unique classes that can be chosen. While the game offers fewer class choices than others in the genre, each class’s skills and talents are extremely polished.

Of all the ESO guides on the market, the first choice for any gamer should be a guide on which class to choose.


The tank that does considerable AOE damage, Dragonknights can wield two-handed swords, bows and various other weapons that make them effective and deadly. This class thrives on group play and is the perfect choice for any player that likes close combat.


As deadly assassins, Nightblades deal extreme damage to their foes and can fight up close or choose to kill from afar using a bow. Nightblades are great for the player that wants to top the damage charts or wants one role: Killing foes as quickly as possible without the responsibility of crowd control or healing. Tanking is also an option with this class.


From lighting to summoning, sorcerers can be tweaked to each player’s likings. This class is deadly and takes a backseat when it comes to fighting. Casting spells from afar, sorcerers deal massive amounts of damage and can be one of the most deadly classes when played correctly.


Diversity is what the Templar brings to ESO. Templars can deal damage, tank or even heal when they are leveled accordingly. Depending on the skills chosen, Templars can hold varying roles that make them irreplaceable to any group. Swords, shields or even staffs are used with this class.

Elder Scrolls Online allows each player to spec their class as they level. Skill points allow each player to choose the best role for their play style. From severe damage to healing or tanking, each skill has its own merits. If chosen incorrectly, skills can be reset for a price. The correct character build has a vital role in how every class is played and can turn a Templar from a tank to a healer, or a Nightblade from a DPS class to a tank.

ESO Shadowfen Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find the Shadowfen’s Skyshards locations along with some numbers that correspond to the tips further down the page:



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ESO Shadowfen Skyshards Locations:

1. To get the “Above the Mages’ eye between the Falls” Skyshard you will have to head to Stormhold, to the west of the Stormhold Wayshrine. Find the collectible on top of the Mages Guild that is right in the middle of the settlement – you’ll have to climb the rocks to your right when you’re facing the Guild’s entrance.


2. Find the “Still shrouded by Spray past a Western Rise” Skyshard to the northwest of The Vile Pavilion, north of Stillrise Village in Northwestern Shadowfen. When you are standing at the Stillrise Wayshrine, follow the river heading northwest and stay by the left shore, following it until you reach a waterfall. The second waterfall you see is the one that has the collectible at the base.


3. The Skyshard is to the south of Bogmother, east-southeast of Camp Silken Snare. You should go south from the Bogmother Wayshrine and turn right at the intersection until you reach Camp Silken Snare. Follow the rocks that go around the camp and continue to the right until you see the “Sneak Behind the relic-thieves camp” collectible shining at the base of the rock formation.


4. This is a very easy Skyshard to get. The “Beside a bowsprit among pirates” collectible is located in Alten Corimont, represented by an anchor icon on the map, to the north-northeast of Alten Corimont Wayshrine. The shard is on the bow of the boat more to the north, which you can jump on via some platforms both from the south and the north as well.


5. Use your imagination to trace a line on the map that starts from Percolating Mire Wayshrine, passes the dome house icon that represents the Percolating Mire and walk it. You will see, at a certain point, a hill with a rock like structure on top of it – the Skyshard is sitting there in the middle of that rocky structure and you’ll see the beam shining.


6. To get the “Where wisps waylay wanderers” Skyshard, head to the Northwest of Hatchling’s Crown and southeast of Hissmir Wayshrine to get to a ziggurat that is to the south of the Deep Graves. Get on top of this structure and see the shard shinning on a balcony/terrace.


7. This is a pretty straightforward Skyshard to find. It’s to the west of Hissmir Wayshrine in the settlement with the same name. The shard is on the top of the large temple that is surrounded by smaller houses. The collectible’s riddle is “Like the Sound of Steam or Snakes”.


8. To get the “Overlooking the Murk of Xal Ithix” Skyshard you’ll have to go to the southwest of Loriasel Wayshrine until you find two bridges – cross the first bridge, head to your left and cross the second, following the path until you get in front of a shrine that has the collectible by its side.


9. To get the “Imprisoned in a crumbling tower” Skyshard you should head to the southwest of the Venomou Fens Wayshrine until you get to what’s left of a tower – enter this ruined tower and collect the shard that is in a wooden box.


10. It’s time to “Peek behind pillars in Atanaz”. To find this Skyshard you have to explore the solo dungeon called “Atanaz Ruins – this dungeon is located to the east of Alten Corimont Wayshrine in eastern Shadowfen. Once you get in the dungeon find the collectible in the second square room inside a pillar on the southwest part.


11. To find this Skyshard you will have to venture within the Broken Tusk solo dungeon which is located to the north-northeast of Camp Merciful Reduction and to the northeast of Forsaken Hamlet Wayshrine. When you enter the public dungeon, simply collect the shard that sits in the second northern hall.


12. To find the “Unearthed by an Outlaw Excavation” Skyshard you have to explore a solo dungeon which is named “Chid-Moska Ruins” and is located to the southeast of Xal Ithix and west of Venomous Fens Dolmen. The shard is located in a room that is located at the west part of a tunnel that goes north to a big room.


13. The “Crown in Hand, Leave and Look Right” Skyshard is located to the west of the Hatching Pools Wayshrine and to the North of Hissmir Wayshrine inside a public dungeon which is named Gandranen Ruins. Enter these ruins and look behind the female quest giver to absorb the shard.


14. This Skyshard is inside the Onkobra Kwama Mine, a solo dungeon that sits to the northwest of Leafwater Dolmen and to the southwest of the Percolating Mire Wayshrine. One you enter the dungeon go to the eastern cave, kill the boss there and get on top of a platform that holds the collectible.


15. To find the “Digesting in the Belly of the Black Maw” Skyshard you’ll be touring the Shrine of the Black Maw solo dungeon which is located to the northwest of Stormhold Wayshrine and to the west of Telvanni Acquisition Camp. When you get in the dungeon you will find the collectible behind a wall at the eastern section of the southeastern hall.


16. Finally it is time to collect the “Deep in the Den of Debauchery” Skyshard. This one is located to the east of the Stormhold Wayshrine and to the southeast of Hal Haj-Ei in the public dungeon called Sanguine’s Demesne. This dungeon is crawling with strong mobs, so you should be careful. Keep on killing the mobs until you can spot a cave that has some water running through it and you’ll find the collectible surrounded by stone blocks as you exit the tunnel.


These are all of the Skyshards in Shadowfen – proceed to the next area.

ESO The Rift Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find all of the ESO The Rift Skyshards Locations with a numbered map that corresponds each shard with a guide on how to get it:



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ESO The Rift Skyshards Locations:

1. To find the “Braced Against Wind Near the Mine” Skyshard you will have to go to the northwest of Northwind Mine Wayshrine, in Northern Rift. Once you are walking the road heading west from the Northwind Mine Wayshrine, follow the intersection with a route that leads north to a door, you can find the collectible behind some trees there.


2. Collecting this Skyshard is pretty easy. First of all, know that this is the first area you’ll explore when you arrive at The Rift, and you can spot the collectible on top of a plateau if you stand in Shor’s Stone. Go west of the settlement and pass the Followstone Wayshrine, go to the northeast and find a house that stands out – the shard is south to that house near a platform behind a boulder.


3. To get the “Nearly Discovered By a Mauled Stablehand” Skyshard you are going to head to Treva’s Farm, which is located to the northeast of the Ragged Hills Wayshrine. Find a roaming mammoth and the shard isn’t too far. Looking at the map you’ll see that the roads for an “8” like pattern – and the shard is in one of the eight’s loops.


4. The Skyshard can be found if you walk to the west of Honrich Tower Wayshrine or southeast of the Ragged Hills Wayshrine. The collectible is on the ground on top of a hill at the point that is marked in the map above.


5. To get the “Scour the Crags near Avancheznel” Skyshard you’ll start walking southwest of the Honrich Tower Wayshrine until you get to the Avanchnzel dungeon entrance. Before that same entrance you should go towards the stone column that has a torch by it. The shard is on a half-buried table nearby, and a lorebook called “The Dwemer Inquiries Vol II” can be found there too.


6. Head to the southwest of the Taarengrav Wayshrine on the Western Rift – you’ll have to grind through a worm cultists’ camp to find a barrow lit by torches. Find the platform to the south of the barrow and look behind the boxes that are near – you’ll find the “South where worms swarm the barrow” Skyshard.


7. To find the “A prospect Found” Skyshard you will have to go north of the Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine. Take the road that goes northwest and when you find an intersection take the north road – but stick off road to the right side. After a bit of walking you’ll find a door on a boulder, pass that road and find the shard on the ground a bit ahead.


8. This shard is one of the tricky ones, but you should bear with us – start from Trolhetta Wayshrine, take the road that goes to the northeast and when you get to the intersection just turn to your left. When you get to yet another intersection, make a left again. There’s an NPC named Veldrana there who will give you the quest which is name “A Walk Above the Clouds”.

When you’re done traveling the road there will be stairs – climb them and keep close to the fire, unless you want to get killed. Keep running from one torch to another to prevent your untimely death. Keep on running until you find a stone gate with torches next to it, and a Skyshard for your trouble.


9. You should “Stay alert between Riften and Greenwall” here! From Riften you should follow the road that is going to the north and pass the watch tower. When you look to the other side of the road you should see three rocks – 2 small ones and 1 big one close to each other. The Skyshard is among those rocks, go get them. This is south of Forth Greenwall.


10. To get the “Clank of Gears and Hiss of Steam” Skyshard you should go to the south-southwest of Honrich Tower Wayshrine in Southern Rift. Step inside the Avanchnzel Public Dungeon to find the shard at the corner of the first room, next to the wall and a bit of rubble.


11. You’ll have to get inside the Broken Helm Hollow public dungeon to get the “Guarded by Bears in the Hollow” Skyshard – it is to the northeast of Trolhetta Wayshrine and south of Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine. As soon as you enter this public dungeon you can get a quest named “A Diamond in the Root”, but the Skyshard is right there in the first cave room, with a strong NPC guarding it. It is lying on the ground, next to a stone – there’s a lorebook nearby too.


12. Another public dungeon has to be explored if you want to find this one. The public dungeon is to the northeast of Honrich Tower Wayshrine and it is called Faldar’s Tooth. As soon as you enter the dungeon there is a quest giver named Israk Ice-Storm who will put you to work on the quest “Beneath the Surface”. The Skyshard, however, is located in the northwestern room right on the corner near a tent and shelf. A lorebook can be collected on a stone block on your way to the “Deep in the roots of the tooth” Skyshard – bear in mind that you’ll have to kill a boss to get both collectibles.


13. To find the “Where Green Grows in the Fort’s Wall” Skyshard you will have to delve inside the Fort Greenwall public dungeon, which is located to the southeast of Fallowstone Wayshrine and to the north of the Riften Wayshrine. The shard is located in the eastern room of the dungeon between a wall and a bit of rubble and pretty close to a tree.


14. This Skyshard is inside a public dungeon – yes we know this gets repetitive – and this time you’ll have to explore the Shroud Hearth Barrow dungeon, thus the Skyshard’s name being “Take a shrouded approach. The dungeon is to the southwest of Geirmund’s Hall Wayshrine in Western Rift. Once you get in the Shroud Hearth Barrow, you’ll find that the shard is lying in the biggest room – to the northwestern corner. A boss awaits you in that room as well.


15. To find the “Tread Carefully; Don’t Break a Leg” Skyshard you’ll have to head to the northwest of Northwind Mine Wayshrine and get in the Snapleg Cave Public Dungeon. Go to the dungeon’s biggest room and you’ll find the collectible in the eastern part of it, surrounded by wooden barrels and crates.


16. Finally, the “Protected by Wraiths in a Beast’s Den” Skyshard will be found inside the Lion’s Den public dungeon, which is located to the southwest of Taarengrav Wayshrine on the Western Rift area. Our advice is that you should get some friends in order to get this shard together, as this is a dungeon that kills most of the people that try to solo it. You should also get a quest that will help you navigate the dungeon – it can be acquired as soon as you enter the dungeon and it is called “A Valuable Distraction”. Now, go to the east to the third circle that represents where the quests’ objective is and get a quest there that is named “Prisoner Dilemma”. You should now be heading towards the prisoner camp, don’t enter the camp but climb a small hill to the northwest of the camp’s entry point. The Skyshard is right there, guarded by a pack of wraiths.


These are all of The Rift’s Skyshards, go on to the next area.

ESO Patch v1.0.4: Patch Notes


ESO Patch v1.0.4: Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online patch v1.0.4 is a “fixing” patch that will go over a lot of the game’s flaws. Throughout this week players have been downloading the v1.0.3 patch that launched earlier and also fixed a lot of issues and this is what proves that the ESO team is working hard to fix any existing bugs that may still dwell in the game.

Players have been experiencing some quest bugs and limitations on end game content and this is where the majority of the fixes have been occurring.

For this patch, the focus was on fixing the bank and skill points’ issues – the bank had some missing slots and missing or bugged items and this was heavily worked on.


The fixes made included:


-          Problems with the bank system that sometimes meant that the player would lose expansion slots along with any item that was inside those;

-          Changed auto-stacking in banks, so now you’ll have to stack the items in your inventory before putting them to the bank, as the items will no longer stack automatically;


There were some fixes on the guild invite system too, as these invites would cause lag on guild chat and it could stretch the loading times of guildies who are travelling between scenes.


These are all of the changes for this ESO v1.0.4 patch – we’ll discuss the next patch when it is launched, hopefully this next week.

The Esostar Team

ESO Bleakrock Isle Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find all of the ESO Bleakrock Isle Skyshards locations in the map and with tips for finding each one easilly and quickly.


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1. The “High atop the Shrouded Barrow” Skyshard is located behind some trees in eastern Skyshroud Barrow. The collectible lays around in the open near the Barrow’s entrance – so it is quite easy to spot and absorb.


2. To get this Skyshard you just have to go to Northern Bleakrock Isle and head to Orkey’s Hollow Cave. The shard isn’t in the cave, but near the NPC that gives you the quest to go inside, the name is “Rolunda”


3. The “To dig too deep would be no Folly” Skyshard is located inside the Hozzin’s Folly cave – in the southwestern part. The entrance of the cave has a lot of enemies guarding it, so prepare for some heavy blade clashing or some epic AOE damage infliction.


These are all of the Skyshards available in this area  – absorb them and keep on charging.

ESO Bal Foyen Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find the map with all the three of the ESO Bal Foyen Skyshards Locations, and some tips for each of these shards.

bal foyen skyshards locations

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1. The “Hidden Near the Highest Hut” Skyshard is on Western Dhalmora. Search for the highest stone of the settlement and for the shard’s shine which can be spotted from the distance – be careful though, since there are no quests that send you to its direction and so you can easily miss it.


2. To find this Skyshard you’ll have to go to the southwest of Fort Zeren Wayshrine. When to the west of Fort Zeren you should fin the biggest house there – the shard is hidden behind it, but you can easily see it from the Fort Zeren Wayshrine if you’re facing southwest.


3. To find the “About to Set Sail” Skyshard you should climb up the ship that sits in Northern Bal Foyen. This is the only dock with ships in the entire Bal Foyen region, so the name actually helps a lot finding the collectible.


So, these are all of the Skyshards in this area – you can proceed to the next area.

ESO Reaper’s March Skyshards Locations with Map

Below you’ll find all of the ESO Reaper’s March Skyshards Locations Map with numbers that coincide with the tips also given out below! Catch them!


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1. This Skyshard is near the road, and you can spot it if you stand near the Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine – just be careful if you approach that location from the east, as some rocks might block the view to the shard. The Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine is in Northern Reaper’s March.


2. To find the “Where Temple Became Tree-house” Skyshard you’ll have to approach Greenhill as the collectible is to the southeast of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine. In Greenhill you should look for a temple that is in ruins and it’s also the largest building there – the shard is near the temple among hidden by some vegetation.


3. This Skyshard is to the north of Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine and it is located inside the Old Town Cavern camp. Find what looks like to be a tree fort. The shard is inside this tree house and you’ll have to find the path leading to it next to the cellar entrance you take to get to the crafting stations. Kill the skeevers guarding it and absorb the collectible.


4. To find the “Overlooking the Site of the fall” Skyshard you are going to travel between the Rawl’kha settlement and the Rawl’kha Settlement Wayshrine. There’s an area that has a red-like color on the ground, the shard is there, to the west of Rawl’kha Settlement.


5. This Skyshard can be found to the north of a nearby dolmen portal, it is close to the 39 level bandit that guards a bridge to the Southwest of Rawl’kha Settlement and the wayshrine. Go there and you’ll find the “Camped on the Way to Claw’s Strike” collectible.


6. This Skyshard isn’t hard to find, it is on top of a cliff that you should climb for the great view anyway. It’s close to Thormar to the southwest of the Rawl’kha settlement in Southern Reaper’s March. The riddle for this shard is “Hidden by a less subtle blade”.


7. The “Dune’s Arcane Beacon” Skyshard is located to the east of Dune Wayshrine and inside Dune Settlement. You’ll have to be on the “The Fires Of Dune” Quest in order to enter the Mage’s Guild, as the shard is on the second floor’s balcony.


8. To get the “Mara’s Devout Frets in View” Skyshard head to the northern region of the Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine area, there’s a stone wall next to the road leading to Fort Sphinxmoth, and this is where you’ll find this shard.


9. To get this Skyshard, simply head to the Northwest of Sren-ja Wayshrine and go to the camp icon near it which is the Thrizzrini Arena – you have to go to the northern Thizzrini Arena to find the shard behind some stones.


10. To get the “Growling, beastly gladiators prowl” you should move to the south of Arenthia and the wayshrine. There’s a solo dungeon named Kuna’s Delve there and you should enter it, as the collectible is inside. The largest cave room is defended by the NPC Slaughterer and holds the shard, and you’ll have to kill the defender to absorb the item.


11. This Skyshard is to the east of Vinedusk Wayshrine in Thibaut’s Cairn, the solo dungeon. There are a lot of lvl38 Skeletons in this dungeon and the shard is located in the first dungeon room, right by the end of it.


12. The “Awash in Tears Undergroun” Skyshard is to the east of Willowgrove Wayshrine to the south of Hadran’s Caravan. Enter the Solo Dungeon named “Weeping Win Cave” and find the shard inside water, close to some stones in the first large cave room.


13. To get this Skyshard you’re going to enter the Claw’s Strike solo dungeon which is to the south of Vinedusk Wayshrine. The first room is the room that holds the shard, it is right next to the room’s southeast corner and it is behind a stone column.


14. “The folly is in passing through quickly” Skyshard is inside the Fardir’s Folly solo dungeon, in norther Fort Sphinxmoth. The shard is pretty easy to find once you are inside the dungeon because it is at the end of the first platform you’ll find before the first set of stairs.


15. This shard is located inside the Jode’s Light solo dungeon on the Eastern Central Reaper’s March. You’ll have to cut through some level 41 mobs to get to it, but you’ll find it once you step inside the southeastern cave room.


16. For the “Far Beneath a Foul Manor” Skyshard you’ll have to go to a public dungeon to the northwest of Fort Grimwatch – the dungeon is called “Vile Manse”.

Once you step in the dungeon, know that it is a great place to power level since the drops and experience there is overpowered. The Skyshard is not inside the first area, but in the second underground area, so you’ll have to jump into the drop. When you do get to the second underground level you should turn to your right and walk to a dead end, because that’s where the collectible will be.


That’s all of the Skyshards for this location, so go ahead and jump to the next are!

ESO Malabal Tor Skyshards Locations Map and Tips

Below you’ll find the map with numbered locations that correspond to the tips below it.

ESO Malabal Tor Skyshards Locations

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1. This first Skyshard is to the Northwest of Ilayas Ruins Wayshrine – it is close to a white wall near some ruins and debris. The wall is a stone wall and is overlooking Velyn Harbor, you can spot it as you walk to the Warrior Mundus Stone. This particular Mundus Stone is to the East of the Skyshard.


2. To get the “The Best View of Fuller’s Break” Skyshard you will have to approach the area that is marked o the map from the south. The location is to the north of Ilayas Ruins. The shard is on top of a table that is round and made of stone, overlooking Fuller’s Break – take a good look around because the view is indeed magnificent.


3. This next Skyshard is pretty easy to find because it is on the southern part of the main road that connects Western Malabal Tor and the central part of the region. It’s laying on the ground close to a tree’s root.


4. The “Near the River, Disentangled” Skyshard is to the southeast of the Public Dungeon named Hoarvor Pit and it lays on the shore of the river that passes through Tanglehaven. Look for a tll cliff that separates the road to the north, jump from the road to the shard – but careful and don’t get yourself killed!


5. Head to Mammoth Farm, it is in the north of the Vulkwasten settlement on Northern central Malabal. The Skyshard is there and overlooks the epic enemy “Jagged Grotto”.


6. To find the “Fell From a Bridge Fleeing Abamath” Skyshard you will have to head west of Bloodtoil Wayshrine and find the wood bridge that joins Tanglehave POI Island with an southern island. The shard is next to this bridge and can be spotted because of the shimmering light.


7. Southeast of the Valeguard Wayshrine you should find Valeguard, approach it from the south road and you’ll see the Skyshard sitting at the bottom of the Valeguard Tree. Careful, there is a big bridge that covers shard if you approach Valeguard from the north, and you might just miss the collectible.


8. To find the “Eyed from a Islet in the River Skyshard you’ll be going to the southeast of the Wilding Run Wayshrine. There’s a large lake island close to the Four Quarry Islet – the shard is northwest of that island sitting on top of a rock guarded by three leopards. Kill them and absorb the collectible.


9. There is a large tree on the middle of a cliff overlooking the shore to the southwest of Windshriek Strand – which is represented by an eye icon on the map. This tree is where the Skyshard is. The area is Northern Malabal Tor. Just walk southwest of the Eye Icon.


10. To get the “Withered within the Vine” Skyshard you will have to head to the Black Vine Ruins, which is a public dungeon. The collectible is inside the dungeon, and enemies group here – so be careful when venturing under leveled. The shard is inside the largest cave room – the first – and it is in a corner on the stairs that lead to the second floor.


11. Head to the solo dungeon named Dead Man’s Drop and find the battered shield on the ground – this will start a quest. Go straight to the tunnel that leads to the door you’ll use to exit the last area of the dungeon. The Skyshard is inside that tunnel between a wooden pillar and the cave’s wall.


12. To get the “Property of Parasites” Skyshard you’ll have to go inside the solo dungeon “Hoarvor Pit” in western central Malabal Tor. There are all sorts of parasites and bugs in the dungeon and that’s why the shard is riddled as it is. The first cave room is where you’ll find the collectible.


13. Another solo dungeon has to be explored for this Skyshard, this time you have to visit the Roots of Silvenar dungeon – which is represented by the fortress icon on the map). This dungeon sits on the west side of Valeguard Wayshrine and the collectible is just before the first group of foes, in the middle of the starting tunnel.


14. The “Part of Arrai’s Spectral Dominion” Skyshard is located in the Shael Ruins solo dungeon, which is near a tall waterfall on the south of the Abamath Wayshrine. The shard is on the second floor next to a group of 3 ghost spectrals, right in the first room.


15. Head south of the Dra’Bul Wayshrine – it is located in the southwestern central Malabal Tor region – and get inside the Tomb of the Apostates, the solo dungeon which is covered in vines. The Skyshard is in the last cave room close to a vase that also gives you a quest.


16. To get the “Held by Red-Handed Bandits” Skyshard you’ll have to go to the far north of Dra’Bul Wayshrine, which is located on Northwestern Malabal Tor. Once close to the Crimson Cove public dungeon, enter it and be careful because of all the mob groups which also include quite a decent number of mob bosses. The cave room on the eastern side is the one that holds the collectible.


These are all of the Skyshards in this area, proceed to the next.